Angel Cop!

Angel from “Angel Cop” (1989).
Love that late 80s/early 90s anime!
Also on Redbubble.



New Tees!

Just finished a new t-shirt design based on song lyrics, which I've been having fun with recently!

Available in black/orange, orange, and white designs.


Otaku no Seiza

Box art for Otaku no Seiza, a 1991 RPG for Nintendo Famicom. The crown on the logo is a nice touch. 

"The game is a combination of science fiction and comedy. A nameless hero arrives in a city where women have stolen the rights of men. The player controls the man as he tries to free men in the city."


Nardwuar is a cool dude

Nardwuar is an amazing interviewer and he gives the best gifts. I watched a bunch of his rap interviews and drew this poster! Available on Redbubble.



Gareth Evans talks about his favorite fight scenes. I love hearing my favorite directors talk about movies they love!


A poster design for The Social Network.
Inspired by the beautiful illustrations and alternate movie titles of Polish movie posters.


Mad Men by Milton Glaser

I just learned about this through AV Club. Milton Glaser, one of my graphic design heroes, designed the newest poster for Mad Men! This is the best of two of my favorite worlds.


Dredd stickers!

Just finished two new sticker designs based on Dredd and Anderson from Dredd 3D. I took some of the colors and design elements from the Judge Dredd comic.


Cliff Spohn and Atari Game Manuals

Check out this Flickr set of manuals for Atari games. I wish more games nowadays used this hand-painted style for their covers!

It looks like a lot of those covers were done by Cliff Spohn. And I just found out he illustrated the cover for the recent satire documentary Computer Chess!