Three great things about Tim Doyle's Robocop poster

This is a poster that Tim Doyle designed for the Castro Theater.

“Murphy’s Frankenstein existence is designed from head to toe to be a Cop who acts on his pre-programmed directives, but who he is comes through regardless- much to the disappointment of his employer/manufacturer. And that’s what I wanted to depict here, the man coming through the machine.”

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Why I like Jay Shaw’s Robocop poster

This is a poster that designer Jay Shaw created for the Alamo Drafthouse.

It makes sense to watch a film and say, ‘the story is about that so this image should communicate that idea well.’ Every idea can be broken down to some base image, it’s just a matter of figuring out what the image is.”

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What I like about this Joy Division LP cover

This is the cover for an unofficial album release of a live Joy DIvision concert in Amsterdam in 1980.
LP cover Image from discogs.com.


What I like about this Western Airlines SkiBirds poster by Don Weller

This is a poster by Don Weller that Western Airlines used to advertise its flights to ski resorts in various states.

Scan via Tombolare.