Why I like this Garo cover from 1968

Garo, a manga magazine that ran from 1964 to 2002, had some seriously good covers, especially in the 60s.

Images found via deadscanlations.tumblr.com.


Parra does it again!

More dope stuff from my favorite artist's online shop.

Parra comes up with so many cool ideas just using simple shapes and a limited color palette.


"Unfriended" poster

This is a really cool poster for the movie Unfriended from earlier this year. Still want to see this one, especially after watching Chris Stuckman’s review.


That hair!

Some great panels of Kiche (in disguise) from Crying Freeman by Ryoichi Ikegami.


POSTERS: Otomo x Graphic Design

I picked up this book a while ago. Really cool to see Otomo combine his signature drawing style with some good typography and color!


Atari 2600 Box Art Design vs Gameplay

"Somewhere in the subconscious regions of my brain, I think the graphic designer in me was born on that day in 1983, hooked on the visuals of that particular moment in time."

Here's an intersting article about the fantastic illustration and design of Atari box art. 

Here's some more, from this video, along with a fun comparison of box art with actual gameplay.


Japanese Newspapers

Very cool typography in these Japanese newspapers from the late 1800s through the 1950s. I like the way they combine illustrations with it, or break up really dense blocks of type with wide open space.