3D Dot Game Heroes

An old-school Zelda parody with 3D sprites. The best thing is that the light and depth-of-field tricks make the sprites look "real."

Wow. This game is adorable.


How Children Fail


I wish I had this book when I was like, 10. I especially like the stuff about how teachers can sometimes make children afraid to take challenges in school (or life) because of an instilled fear of failure:

They fear wrong answers and shy away from challenges because they may not have the right answer. This fear, which rules them in the school setting, does their thinking and learning a great disservice. A teacher’s job is to help them overcome their fears of failure and explore the problem for real learning. So often, teachers are doing the opposite — building children’s fears up to monumental proportions. Children need to see that failure is honorable, and that it helps them construct meaning. It should not be seen as humiliating, but as a step to real learning. Being afraid of mistakes, they never try to understand their own mistakes and cannot and will not try to understand when their thinking is faulty. Adding to children’s fear in school is corporal punishment and humiliation, both of which can scare children into right/wrong thinking and away from their natural exploratory thinking.

Also, Pelican/Penguin book covers are quite nice.


I'm making a font

Tentatively named "3.5" since it's inspired by floppy disks. I used Illustrator and most of it is done, but I'm testing it out before I try to use Fontstruct or something to make it usable.