New Sticker Design: Supercop

Michelle Yeoh from Supercop aka Police Story 3.
This is from the one part in the movie where she's not wearing an Interpol uniform or free-flowing granny clothes designed for fighting. I stole her clothing colors from Bionic Commando.


New poster: Mass Effect

Just completed a new poster based on the Mass Effect videogame. I did most of the research for this one on Youtube :) I might make another one based on another planet/moon/whatever!


New sticker design: Submarine

Submarine is a movie by Richard Ayoade. It's very Wes Anderson and I love it! These stickers are based on the two main characters, Oliver and Jordana.


New sticker: Castlevania

Big fan of Castlevania in all its forms, except maybe that N64 one. This is the Grim Reaper from the first game.

Made start to finish using an app called Inkpad on the ipad. It's surprisingly awesome—it has bezier curves, layers and everything!


New sticker design: Space Harrier

I just remembered this had been sitting on my computer, nearly done, for two weeks, so I finished it up last night.

To make this I looked up some screenshots from the game Space Harrier on the internet and redrew my favorite graphic elements to make a nice little picture.


New sticker: A-Ko

Based this on the Project A-Ko anime. The "PAA-DENNEN" is what you see if you push Pause the moment she runs over the dude (?) for the first time.



Love the original Streamline dub of Akira! I wish the whole movie was about the rivalry between Kaneda's gang and the clowns.


My take on the Jaws 2 poster. After playing around with it, I made it Jaws 3D instead.

Brought to you by a pair of 3D glasses that came with the Coraline Blu-Ray!


Awesome sequence from a 1985 short anime film called Bobby's Girl.



Saw this over the weekend. Not perfect but still dope! The music is amazing, especially in the shipping container chase.

Movie poster concept by Jock. I'd love this on my wall.


Fooling around on the internet

New favorite song. Just about everything from Ed Banger is cool.


Jackie Chan was in a fighting game? It looks kind of impressive too, even with the Mortal Kombat graphics.


April 2011 wallpaper

While working on a new wallpaper for April I ended up trying to create a new font.
I wanted to call it something classy but the first thing that came to mind was "Cabernet Extra," which has no meaning except that I had just bought wine that day.


New late calendars for February!

I finally got around to doing a calendar for February:

I also made a super sappy version:

"The SUPER FAMICOM CAR, a retro video game-inspired converted Scion xB utilizes projectors from both the front and rear to play video games. Its conversion includes sound making doors, a cartridge starter key, and controllers for each passenger. Designed by Giant Robot's Eric Nakamura and fabricated by Onimotorworks Len Higa, the car includes a custom video game, “Return of the Quack” featuring art by Matt Furie, programming by Chevy Ray Johnston, and game consulting and co-producing by Adam Robezzoli."


Love this poster. They all look so cool. Also, Kristen Wiig.


Design Inspiration: Kazumasa Nagai

More great '60s-'80s design! Seems like at least once every month I discover another awesome designer from that era.

Kazumasa Nagai is a Japanese designer who did a ton of promo poster work during that time. I found a few galleries of his work at Lifelounge, Pink Tentacle and Flickr. There were also a few books based on his work, though they're hella expensive.