Eiji Nonaka

Eiji Nonaka is a manga author and artist known in the US for his manga Cromartie High School, which had an anime adaptation (and a movie!)

One of the best things is that his art style is similar to Ryoichi Ikegami, a seinen manga author known for Crying Freeman and Wounded Man, but Nonaka’s works are mostly comedic. It’s a really cool juxtaposition.


Kate Moross

I love Kate Moross’s vibrant art style! She also has a book called Make Your Own Luck that is all about her own journey and helpful things she’s learned throughout her design career.


Italians Do It Better

Posters from Italians Do It Better, a record label based out of LA. Most recently their artists worked on the soundtrack for Ryan Gosling's Lost River.


Brisk God

Brisk God is one of my favorite Viners. He likes to combine hip hop with clips of animals or cartoons, it’s awesome.


Elevator Action Returns

Elevator Action Returns, one of my favorite videogames of all time. The simple but detailed intro animation is something that was great about arcade games in the 90s.


My favorite thing about Tim Lahan’s illustrations is the energy and humor.

“A lot of it I think is just personal stuff. I did a lot of the work at a day job in my downtime, just trying to explore different things. Just playing around. Those things that I haven’t done for clients or for money, stuff I just do for myself, I think that stuff really helped me out. I think it still does.”