Example: Watch the Sun Come Up

I'm loving Example's new single. I guess you could say it sounds a bit pop, but after hearing his free "Credit Munch" mixtape (and listening to it over and over) I can tell his sound evolved to this naturally. I love the sketchy "Take on Me" look too!



Design Inspiration: Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart is an American freelance illustrator whose artwork for Yuki 7, an original character he created, has recently gained popularity on the net. He's extremely talented, and his blog entries that explain his development of his Yuki 7 character are fascinating. I love how accurately his paintings capture a colorful 60s film vibe.

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Yuki 7 on Facebook
Grain Edit interview


Design Inspiration: Charley Harper

Charley Harper (1922–2007) was an artist from Cincinnati who specialized in vector-like paintings of wildlife, mostly for nature-based organizations. He has such an amazing eye for giving his subjects an abstract look that conveys a lot with simple shapes.



Flickr continues to be an awesome resource for designers, and it's so vast you never know how much cool stuff you'll find. Through fffound and various blogs, I've stumbled upon some amazing stuff. For example, this group pool called • flashback • houses its members' collections of retro illustrations, movie posters, ads, movie stills, magazines and other random stuff.