Design Inspiration: Leandro Castelao

Leandro Castelao is an illustrator from Buenos Aires. I like that he's virtually created a visual language; his style can be translated to anything. Grain Edit described it as an exploded view of Charlie Harper's style. It's as if he puts an x-ray up to things and sees that they have wiring and circuitry inside.

In addition to housing his portfolio, his website also has a shop where you can buy prints!


Design Inspiration: AKUTOU

Akutou is a freelance designer and illustrator.
His drawing style and choice of vibrant colors remind me of So-Me. I can tell he totally gets the look of the 80s - he's really good at using the blues, pinks and yellows to maximum effect. Check out his blog for inspiration. Also music videos (if he hadn't posted about Future Cop I would have never been exposed to their awesomeness)!