U&LC is online!

Fonts.com has started scanning issues of U&LC, a typographic journal that started in 1974 and ran for almost 30 years, and releasing them online for download. This is huge news for me because I've been a fan of Herb Lubalin and his work on the newsletter ever since I first saw pictures from it 10 years ago.

They apparently started doing this in October and have 11 issues up so far!


January 2011 Calendar

A calendar for January 2011 that I made for a monthly contest at work. Slightly reformatted here. I really wanted to break out of the grid we're accustomed to while keeping it useful as a calendar. Had a lot of fun doing it!


I made an influence map!

I'd never heard of influence maps until a few weeks ago, but thanks to Harveyjames I realize what a great exercise this is. Really made me think about what inspires me artistically.

Basically you make a grid of however many squares and fill them with images of things that influence and inspire you. Use more squares/larger images for bigger influences!

Learn more here.

Here's my list (with links if you're curious)!
1. Milton Glaser
2. Seymour Chwast
3. Otl Aicher
4. Peter Max
5. Heinz Edelmann
6. Parra
7. Katsuhiro Otomo
8. NES graphics
9. Network Osaka
10. Kevin Dart
11. 80s blank VHS covers
12. The Zonders
13. Olly Moss
14. Fez
15. NIntendo Power
16. Atari commercials
17. So-Me
18. Futurecop!
19. 80s TV graphics
20. Infographics
21. Superbrothers
22. Harveyjames
23. James White
24. Game & Watch
And I can't forget Studio 4c (even though I did).


Counter-Print has an awesome flickr collection of older design. I've always loved Avant Garde and U&LC!


My new favorite opening credits


This being a Gaspar Noé movie I probably won't watch it but this title sequence is my new favorite. Halfway through, the type goes completely insane. I love it.


Stickers I made for my friends in Noco!

I helped the band Noco with their video shoot, and I got the idea for these stickers afterward!


TV show openings from way back when

I was going through Youtube user bobtwcatlanta's videos and realizing that TV show openings from the '60s to early '90s are a thing of beauty. Especially when you see an actor you know pop up in a show you never knew existed! I love how they showcase these actors by putting together snippets of their characters' best moments and making a sort of feel-good collage.

Go here for a total nostalgia-fest: http://www.youtube.com/user/bobtwcatlanta



Design Inspiration: The Zonders

The Zonders is a collective of illustrators with a visual style inspired by 70s sci-fi album cover and book design. Lots of album cover work, as you can see!



Design Inspiration: Yusuke Nagano

Just discovered Yusuke Nagano's illustration work at The Strange Attractor.

My inspiration comes from drawing anything and everything that comes my way. I truly enjoy it so much that it's a pleasure for me to draw anything, Industrial motors, people, nature or fantasy pictures, I enjoy it all. I find it important to work and exchange ideas with young people who have the same passion, the same view of life, New perspectives keep me going.