Thank you

Thank you all for wishing Sarah a speedy recovery. They told her at the hospital last night that they saw a few blood clots in her lungs (they said it was pneumonia at first). That explains the blood she was coughing up on Saturday, and the extreme pain she was experiencing that led me to drive her to the ER.

I was really scared last night, but she's doing a lot better now! The pain isn't nearly as bad thanks to the medication (morphine for the win, or something). I left the hospital at 7am this morning, and just woke up at 3:30. Hopefully the jetlag won't affect me too badly at work tomorrow, haha.

Thank you all again!


  1. hey, a blog! cool!

    more importantly, thank you for the update! i'm thinking get-well thoughts for Sarah!

  2. Thank you so much Mindy! It makes her feel really good, knowing so many people care and all that :)