Ho-la Ho-la Ho-la

Parra is an illustrator/designer from Amsterdam. Most of his work is done for his own band, Parra Soundsystem, and his clothing label, Rockwell.

I love the cases he made for ipods and Macbook Pro. So awesome.

His artwork is great. People like him and So-Me are like a revival of Peter Max and Push Pin Studios. Rounded shapes in bright colors. In other words MY FAVORITE THING EVER. His absurd character design looks best when it's animated.


Unicorns and lasers

I just came across this freelance illustrator from Finland named Sakke Soini. He says his retro-futuristic album cover style is inspired by old-school sci-fi (Tron for example). The laser effects are so 80s, it's fantastic. I wish Guitar Hero/Rock Band looked like the scales shooting out of that tiger's mouth.

Sakke Soini