Funny Games poster

I must have seen this poster at Apple's trailer site or somewhere. Anyway, it caught my eye back when I saw it and actually got me to check out the trailer, and later the movie.

The design is really striking, I think. Really simple and tight grid-based typography. I love Naomi Watts's expression, and the tears streaming down her face foreshadow some heavy shit about to go down. And it does

The design team, Crew Creative Advertising, does really good stuff with close-ups in other posters as well! Didn't realize how much of their stuff I would recognize.


Design Inspiration: Siggi Eggertsson

Through my usual design-blog-hopping I learned of Siggi Eggertsson, a freelance illustrator and designer from Iceland. I like that he can apply his abstract, pixel-like design aesthetic to anything and it comes out beautiful.


Design Inspiration: Stefan Kanchev

Stefan Kanchev (1915–2001) was a Bulgarian graphic designer with an amazing track record of stamps, postcards, labels and beautiful logos. I had never even heard of him or seen his work, and never realized how prolific his work was (thanks grain edit!), so it was a big surprise to see such an impressive collection of geometric logos and colorful designs that bring to mind those of Paul Rand and other well-known graphic designers.